Kristie Vidotto is an English and Drama teacher at Frankston High School. In this time she has produced and directed a number of performing arts events, including musicals such as ‘The Wiz’ and ‘Seussical’ and the ‘Frankston High’s Got Talent’ Gala Night, where a wide range of students from all year levels were able to shine. Kristie thrives on providing students with learning opportunities outside the classroom and believes that performing arts is not only an enjoyable extra-curricular activity, but it encourages students to come out of their shells, build confidence and heighten self-esteem. Kristie is honoured to MC and hopes the ideas and discussion inspire the next generation from Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.


Dion aka Monorock is a hip hop dancer, producer, master of youth engagement and the founder of Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP).  Michael Farrah is the Co-Director and a Latin dance freak who was born to entertain!

Together, Dion and Michael are passionate about using the principal of ‘arts for change’. They focus on Indigenous young people’s strengths, developing their skills and attitudes and working closely with partners to support community development. Their work with IHHP addresses the disadvantage faced by Indigenous young people and uses Hip hop to give young Indigenous people and their communities a voice to not only let their issues be heard, but empower them to find their own solutions


From Toronto, Canada as an Adventure Specialist, Mayor, even “Goose”, A GPS Wingman, Todd has worn many hats throughout his 7 years with G Adventures. He has seen first hand how supporting communities, growing local business, providing global environmental solutions and quickly responding to emergency disasters can indeed change our world for the better.

After visiting over 25 countries and 6 continents with G Adventures, Todd is looking to spread the word of exactly what sustainable travel is and how important our freedom of choice can be when traveling this beautiful place called Earth.


Fiona Lander is a medical doctor and lawyer currently based in Melbourne, working at Austin Health and Corrs Chambers Westgarth. Fiona is currently on secondment with the Advocacy-Health Alliance Network at Justice Connect, assisting with the establishment of partnerships between healthcare and legal services. She previously worked for 2 years with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Health in Mumbai, India, and with the health law and human rights team at WHO, Geneva. Fiona also conducts research and provides public health and human rights consulting services to NGOs and international organisations, and lectures at the Copenhagen School of Global Health.


In her final year of schooling, Deb will take on the role of Choral Prefect at Toorak College. Focusing on music and international studies, she aspires to study International Law and Journalism eventually leading to a career with World Vision.

With a love for people, she dreams about the places she will travel and the people that she will meet. Deb’s passion lies in encouraging people to do what they love in order to discover themselves and their potential. Deb can’t wait to speak at TEDxYouth@Frankston and hopes to encourage young people that their value can NEVER be determined by a number or score and that there is so much more to themselves that they may not have yet discovered.

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start” – Nido Qubein

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Established in 2007, Indigenous Hip Hop Projects are a national multi-cultural arts company that specialises in going into regional, remote and urban Indigenous communities around Australia to conduct week long workshops as a means of connecting young people, encouraging self respect, re-engagement and creating linkages with traditional culture.

IHHP works on the principal of using the arts for change, focusing on Indigenous young people’s strengths to develop their skills and attitudes while working closely with local partners to support community development. Since inception, IHHP have worked extensively across the country, engaging over 200, 000 participants to date and have an amazing story to share.


Paul is a game designer, educator, and software engineer. He has worked as a Research Engineer and Lecturer in the past, two very different occupations that he was able to combine into his current role at Quantum Victoria. Paul’s work covers a broad range of activities with engineering adventures like re-desinging 3D printers that interconnect with his educational roles including teaching people how to build 3D printers. His current research agenda is towards the better utilisation of technology, transforming the use of it from simple amusements and/or gimmicks, into influential learning tools that have a real opportunity to improve educational quality and accessibility.

Outside of this career Paul attends Game Jams (48-hour game development competitions) and similar events including GovHack 2013 (Government data hacking competition), tinkers with software and hardware leading to many unintended adventures.


Bernard Meade holds degrees in science and arts and is continuing his studies with a research masters in astronomy at Swinburne University of Technology. Bernard works for the University of Melbourne as the Innovation and Outreach Officer for ITS Research. He formed the Digital Fabrication Facility with the University Digitisation Centre and has been instrumental in promoting 3D Printing to the research community and in forming collaborations with other institutions. He recently coordinated Australia’s first 3D Printing Showcase, held in Melbourne in November.  Bernard is passionate about science, 3D printing and other emerging technologies and believes in empowering people to embrace technology to improve the future for everyone.


Catherine Moolenschot has been living her dreams from a young age. Her home is in Melbourne but the world is her stage. She is passionate about living with purpose, inspiration,fun and about inspiring others to do the same. She is a published author, professional speaker and facilitator. She published her first novel, called ‘A Rough Road’, at 13 years of age.

At 16, after a year-long cultural exchange to The Netherlands, she began an intense personal development journey. In addition to school, she attended many training courses, read great books and researched the subject of “success”. This included interviewing many people who have overcome huge challenges and achieved great things.Catherine is committed to constantly learning and growing, and becoming the best she can be. She believes in pushing the boundaries on what’s possible. She is inspired by greatness.