Shane is the license holder and lead curator of TEDxYouth@Frankston. He is currently the Director of Science at Frankston High School and change amplifier for the Change School. Passionate about education, he has presented at various conferences in Australia and is continually looking to redefine what education will look like in the future.

Every young person has a story and idea to share and as a result sees TEDxYouth@Frankston as an opportunity for attendees to contribute these on a local and global scale. Hopefully, TEDxYouth@Frankston continues to be a catalyst for attendees to walk away and create change.

Connect with Shane on Twitter @secsciteacher and on LinkedIn HERE.

Check out the Change School HERE


Co-organiser of TEDxYouth@Frankston, Dean graduated Frankston High School in November 2013. With an open mind and appreciation for challenge, he jumped at the opportunity to get on board with the TEDxYouthFrankston crew to facilitate the intention of ‘ideas worth spreading’. In the future Dean hopes to undertake University study and after completion of his degree work in the field of bio-medical research, to further push the boundaries of modern technology and use this to complement and resolve modern medical issues.



Trained and working as a physiotherapist, Lauren has an interest in global health and education. This year she has joined the Global Ideas team as Teaching & Learning Lead, to work on their new Fellowship Program, where she will combine her health knowledge and passion for learning. This is also what inspired her to join Shane to work on TEDx Youth @ Frankston this year!

Being a Melbourne girl all her life, Lauren loves coffee and enjoys going out for brunches in the northern suburbs, and spending evenings in a local pub or at a local music gig.

This year Lauren decided to learn how to knit a scarf, and also to re-learn how to play the piano. She is not doing very well at either at this stage!